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How much is a piano tuning?

Other less experienced, lesser qualified tuners (may not be registered with the PTG), may charge less for a piano tuning. They may not spend as much time and may not provide the same quality. I take my time to tune your piano correctly and do a thorough tuning. I have proven my skills through national examinations and on concert stages for national artists in Indiana and New York. In the greater Indianapolis area, I charge $120.00 for a piano that has been properly tuned in the last two or three years. If its has been longer than 3 years, then your piano may have lost enough pitch to need additional tuning, (a pitch raise), which may cost up to an additional $50.00. If it has been decades since your piano has been tuned it may a couple of tunings to make your piano stable.

How often should my piano be tuned?

Most piano manufacturers use the exact same phrase "at least twice a year". That is because humidity and temperature changes have dramatic affect on your pianos tuning. Even if you keep the temperature in your home relatively consistent outside temperature changes greatly affect the humidity inside your home. When it is very cold outside, your furnace works longer and the heating effect of the furnace lowers your indoor humidity. Even though you may use air conditioning to cool your house in the summer, air conditioning does not fully lower the humidity enough to protect your pianos tuning. Ideal humidity should run around 42%. Every year your piano goes through these humidity and temperature ups and downs. The cumulative changes may cause your piano to significantly lower the overall pitch. After several years of these changes your piano may need extra tuning time we call a Pitch Raise, which will make your tuning costs increase. For more information, visit the PTG page.

What is regulation?

Regulation is the mechanical adjustment of the working mechanism of your piano. Each key's "action" has many adjustment screws that after many hours of use need to be reset so that your piano will play with its fullest dynamic range and most efficient repetition. See see the PTG webpage for more information.

What is voicing?

While tuning affects the pitch of your piano, voicing affects the tone of your piano. After many hours of use your piano may need to be revoiced. Speak with Bob at the time of your tuning if you are concerned about the tone quality of your piano, see the PTG page for more information.

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